Why screencasts?

Delicious Insights has a strong reputation around its in-class training courses: 360° Git, Modern Web Apps, Node.js, Webpack, 360° ES… This is in our blood, but the in-class format is not enough.

On the one hand, lots of topics are too short, or too niche, or too bleeding-edge to warrant an in-class, multi-client training format. On the other hand, by strictly limiting our sessions to small groups and only offering multi-client sessions in Paris, France, we obviously can’t train all those who need it…

So we’re starting a screencast production activity, that is highly complementary to our in-class trainings, with the same bar on quality, accuracy and depth, and the same sens of humor :-)

🇫🇷 (Ces screencasts sont aussi disponibles en français) 🇫🇷

Writing Modern Async JavaScript

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Git Core Concepts

Git can feel overwhelming, but understanding its core tenets radically simplifies using it!
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JavaScript: this is it

You’ll finally understand how this works in JavaScript… and you can bet it’s worth it!
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