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We produce high-quality, code-heavy video courses for developers, targeting topics that are among the greatest pain points and using lots of great code, slides, animated diagrams and crystal-clear explanations to remove roadblocks on their way to great products and services!

Expect a new course roughly every 5 weeks!

Writing Modern Async JavaScript

From raw callbacks to promises to async/await, everything you need to master async JS code with ease!
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Git Core Concepts

Git can feel overwhelming, but understanding its core tenets radically simplifies using it!

JavaScript: this is it

You’ll finally understand how this works in JavaScript… and you can bet it’s worth it!
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“Git undo” or the art of rolling back

Relax! Git makes it easy to get any seemingly lost work back, and to dig yourself out of even the most delicate situations.
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Getting Solid at Git Merge vs. Rebase

Grooming a useful history, cleaing up, merging… rebase and merge are great sidekicks in hand when you know how to best use them!
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