Hi and welcome to our 4th screencast, the 2nd one on JavaScript!

If there is one topic that crystallizes puzzlements and pleas for help on JS, it is indeed the behavior of this, the reference to the current object. You can read everything and anything online, and as with most things, there’s no shortage of self-proclaimed experts to blabber explainers that are just convoluted fantasy.

And yet, once you’ve been through this course, you’ll see that the takeaways could fit on a sticky note: you just need to “unlearn” habits you carried over from other programming languages you may know… plus, it never hurts to read the docs a bit, does it? (whistles)

Anyway, after this course, this won’t keep any secrets from you. You’ll never be caught unaware by the little rascal again! I say: a toast!

So what does this actually reference? Can we “lost” it? Can we force it? Can it be guaranteed? What’s the atomic number for Zinc? You’ll find all these answers—and many more—in this screencast.

OK.  This is it.

JavaScript: this is it

You’ll finally understand how this works in JavaScript… And you can bet it’s worth it!

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