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Well you’ve done it, you walked through this screencast on this in JavaScript. You’re now a master on the subject, that’s sweet, you’re part of the very elite now, you—

Nope.  Nope, nope. Just kidding. Now that you grok this, don’t go strutting about, OK? Instead, try and share this fresh knowledge with people around you: at work, in class, at meetups—and in a nice way, right, a benevolent way, I'm counting on you!  Tons of people begin JavaScript every day and soon enough they’ll need to understand this thing, and I sure can’t help every one of them so you need to step up, OK?

Oh and if you’ve got a long memory, you noticed one of the questions in the intro remains unanswered, so there it is: the atomic number for Zinc is 30. See, man of my word!

If you’d like to get more online course contents on JS and other stuff, such as Git, check out the main page of our screencasts site.  If in-room training is more your thing, we have amazing classes available too, in English or French, check out our website, for instance our 360° ECMAScript training.

I truly hope these couple hours were useful for you, and at Delicious Insights we’d love to hear what you think; there are certainly a ton of things we can improve on, so feel free to get back to us be it through comments on the course pages, by e-mail at screencasts@delicious-insights.com, or on Twitter (@DelicioInsights).

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I had an absolute blast crafting this course and sharing all that with you, and I can’t wait to see you again in another course. Until then, thanks for watching!

JavaScript: this is it

You’ll finally understand how this works in JavaScript… And you can bet it’s worth it!

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